Ms. Elvada awarded for 50 YEARS of Montessori Teaching by Mayor Hartwick

Elvada Ward

I am the reading teacher and the teacher instructor. I have 50 years and counting as a Montessori teacher for ages 2 ½ through 7 years old. I am a Montessori Early Childhood Trainer for Montessori Educators, International, presenter of workshops on various topics. I am also a trainer for Arkansas Early Childhood Professional Development System and Director of Montessori Studies and Staff Development for numerous Montessori schools in Arkansas.

My education is with St. Nicholas Training Centre, diplomas for ages 2 ½ through 7 years of age. I attended St. Nicholas Training Center course for ages 7-11. Certification from Arkansas State University Childhood Services for Montessori Educators, International Training and Internship for Early Childhood Montessori Adult Educator and Instructor; Directors, Administrators and School-age Specialist.

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